When hiring a lawyer, there are many issues to consider from basic education and background to experience. We invite you to browse our page and research these issues. However, in our opinion, the most important issue to consider when hiring a lawyer is the lawyer's foundational beliefs and the treatment you will receive as a client. Ms. Ceizler therefore wants you to review her pledge to her clients below, as she believes it will allow you to understand the thought and commitment she puts into the attorney-client relationship once it is established.

Our pledge to our clients.

We will:

Realistically evaluate your cases from the start.

If you want to sue, we will give you an honest assessment of the value of the case. We work with our clients to form our goals early in the case so that every action that is taken is another step toward achieving those goals. Where a transaction is involved, we determine the key goals early and focus energy on achieving those goals so as to obtain the best possible outcome without needlessly expending our client's resources.

Be a zealous advocate

We will fight hard in litigation battles, overturning every stone necessary to ensure the best possible outcome. Ms. Ceizler has a history of uncovering facts, locating witnesses, and discovering details that most lawyers overlook. These details can make a significant difference in the outcome of a case.

Provide budgets in appropriate cases.

We will prepare budgets in a timely manner in a format that is easily understandable. We will also consider flat fee arrangements in appropriate cases. We will always discuss the basis for a budget with the client.

Work efficiently

For defense work performed on an hourly basis, some lawyers will charge .5 hours for every letter reviewed or sent or .3 hours for every email drafted. You will only be charged for the actual amount of time taken to perform the task. For work done on behalf of plaintiffs, efficiency is equally important, as the more efficiently work is done, the more quickly a case can either be resolved or brought to trial.

Provide copies of key pleadings and correspondence

In order to keep our clients informed, we will provide copies of all pleadings, filings, discovery, and key correspondence.

Regularly communicate with our clients

Strategy meetings will be held on a regular basis. The status of the case will be discussed and the client will have input. Decisions are made not just by the lawyer, but by the lawyer and the client. When you need to reach Ms. Ceizler, you call or email her directly. She does not make you work through her staff. She is your lawyer and available to you. 

Return calls and emails quickly

Our goal is to return all calls and emails within 1 business day, but is usually much quicker. When Ms. Ceizler is at her desk, it is usually within minutes.

Deliver updates in a timely manner

Because our clients play an active role in the litigation, they fully understand our case management decisions, including any downside risk. If there is news, good or bad, it will be delivered in a timely manner. Where a settlement offer has been made, we will pass the offer on to the client as soon as possible and discuss as a team whether to accept the offer.

Offer practical solutions

We will always advocate the best solution for our clients, even if it means we make less money. We know a satisfied client will return to us with their future work and will refer friends, colleagues, and family members to us when they need a lawyer

We will NOT:

Inappropriately overcharge you

We will not false bill for our time. We will not add 10% to vendor bills. We will not charge you for internal copies, scanning, domestic phone calls, or faxes. Many firms pad their bills by charging their clients for these items. Ms. Ceizler does not.

Needlessly provoke fights with opposing counsel

In litigation matters, we maintain professional and courteous relationships with opposing counsel. Although we may disagree with our opponent's position, it is imperative that we maintain a positive and professional relationship. In transactional matters, we reinforce the parties' common goals and focus on bridging gaps in a professional manner. 

Talk down to you

The work we do is a cooperative effort and our client's input is expected and appreciated.

Prolong transactional work to make more money

Lie to you, hide the status of a case from you, or ignore you.


I want to thank you for bringing my lawsuit to such a satisfying and speedy resolution. I know that you had to argue convincingly to obtain agreements with Kaiser and Medicare. I was really surprised that you were able to obtain restitution for the golf cart as well. What I really appreciated was you clear and constant communication. I always knew the path ahead and my options. All were clearly explained. Should I ever need legal help again I know whom to call.

— Harry Sherman

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